Applesauce Hat

March 1, 2010

The theme for this weeks’ I Heart Faces Photography photo challenge is “Hilarious Outtakes.” And although my kids have done a lot of crazy and wacky things, this is one I remember so vividly.

I decided to post photos of my then 2-year-old son, finishing up his lunch. All he had left to eat was his applesauce in a bowl, and for some reason, this bowl of applesauce was so tasty, he decided not only to drink it melted ice-cream style, but to also try it on for size.

Click on the button below to view more “Hilarious Outtakes” from some very talented photographers!

9 Responses to “Applesauce Hat”

  1. candacesoon Says:

    Too cute! I have pics of my little boy eating spaghetti just like that!

  2. Oh my, wouldn’t it be fun to get away with this again? So cute!

  3. Jenny Says:

    He is so cute! What a mess that must have been to clean up though! LOL!

  4. Shanna Says:

    These photos bring back a lot of memories.

  5. Grandma Says:

    These pictures are wonderful memories of a vacation to grandma and grandpa’s. He’s as cute today as he was then.

  6. Alison Rowe Says:

    What a cutie! Love these outtakes!

  7. Sheri Says:

    Thank you for the comment on my photo. Your outtakes are adorable!! 🙂

  8. Jen Parker Says:

    Why is it the messier the food, the more fun it is to wear it?

    Thanks for all your comments!

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