Innocence, at its Best.

January 24, 2011

The theme to this weeks’ I Heart Faces photo challenge is: Innocent Wonder.

What’s more innocent than a young child, in this case, my baby, right before reaching his toddler stage? When all his thoughts are consumed with how to walk, where’s my Mommy and when’s my next feeding?

There’s nothing better than watching and observing my kids when they are deep in thought. What are they thinking? What’s going on in their little head?

To see more Innocent Wonder photos, head on over to the I Heart Faces website or click on the button below.

4 Responses to “Innocence, at its Best.”

  1. Linda King Says:

    Beautiful eyes this child has! Great post processing too. Nice entry!

  2. He is just so sweet Jen! I love his eyes!

  3. Shelia Earl Says:

    I love this picture of innocense – and your website is beautiful (I just visited). Beautiful work. Shelia

  4. marcie Says:

    so cute! Love that hair

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