Passions and Hobbies

February 10, 2011

Day 9. Passions and Hobbies.

My son is a jock. A baseball playing, tennis loving, basketball junkie jock. He’s interested in the players’ numbers, names and what team they currently on. He can perfectly emulate most of the Dodgers’ batting stance (well, last seasons team) and even showed off his skills to some of the players on The Jr. Dodgers Show. You can see him on the show here.

Although baseball is his favorite sport to play (well, it was a couple of months ago) he’s really been into basketball lately. Everything is a slam dunk, whether it’s a basketball going through a hoop, a toy that needs to be put away, or his pajamas going into the washing machine. We’ll see if basketball still holds the court come Opening Day for T-Ball, which is next month. Be on the lookout for some T-Ball posts…

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