The Eyes

February 12, 2011

Day 12. The Eyes.

You’ve probably heard that the eyes are the window to the soul.

Well, according to this photo of my son that I snapped while he was in a time-out (yes, I’m that kind of a mom) his soul seems to be pretty mad at me.

What his soul doesn’t realize is that it’s not okay to hit his Mommy. But in due time, he’ll learn. I hope.

He probably won’t be pleased with this photo when he gets old enough to realize it…


3 Responses to “The Eyes”

  1. Yasher Says:

    Hee hee hee… I know those eyes. I know them well.

    Great shot!

  2. Ky Says:

    This photo made me Lol. I have a son too. I know what you’re talking about. Great photo!

  3. Rachel Says:

    Post some naked baby shots and you’re be forming his ultimate complex. 🙂

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