Staying In

February 17, 2011

Day 17. Staying in.

I cannot tell a lie. And no, I’m not saying that in honor of President’s Day this weekend.

I know the title of today’s assignment is, “Staying In” but the truth is we didn’t. We didn’t stay in today. We decided to go out and explore.

I’ve been meaning to scout out some places for future photo sessions. It was rainy and cold all day yesterday and it’s supposed to rain for the next couple of days. With the sun breaking out from behind the clouds today, I decided to pack the kids in the car (after Kindergarten pick up, of course) and go.

The kids weren’t all that excited at first, until we got out and one, the place was surrounded by mud because it rained yesterday and two, there were rocks as far as the eye could see. Rocks + mud = fun for boys. Much fun.

After three bottles of water, two soaking wet tennis shoes (my son decided it would be fun to jump into the stream instead of crossing over it) and one chocolate granola bar, we were ready to go home. And just in time. The gray storm clouds were moving in, and fast.

Who knew staying in could be so much fun?




One Response to “Staying In”

  1. Grandma Says:

    Seeing these two and hearing about boys, mud and rocks reminds me of their dad and his brothers. What a wonderful time of life.

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