The Emotion of a PB&J

August 23, 2011

I have the best job. I’m a Mom of two young boys. I’m also a photographer. Both allow me to be creative in different ways (one lets me make a mean PB&J and the other allows me to dig deeper into my emotions and express it in a photo.) But both make me equally excited and happy. Wow! What a beautiful shot! Hey, that’s some sandwich!

My senior photo session with Miss M was amazing. Most of the time while on a shoot, I am inspired by the sun, and how it softly drapes it’s rays of light onto everything I see. How it creates a mood only explained by a feeling. But with Miss M, I was so inspired by the location. The grittiness of the bricks. The cracked and chipped paint on the walls.The sound of the asphalt pebbles cracking under the weight of each step I took.

It’s almost time for me to make my son’s lunch for school tomorrow. I wonder what I’ll come up with tonight…







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