February 20, 2012

This week’s I Heart Faces photo challenge theme is: Hugs and Kisses.

Well, for this photo, just kisses. And not kisses, but rather a kiss.

A sweet kiss.

A kiss between two brothers. Brothers who can be best friends one minute and enemies the next. Frenemies, right? But I guess that’s how all sibling relationships are. All I know is that they will probably not like this photo (or me!) when they get a wee bit older and turn red when their friends come over and point it out while displayed on top of the fireplace.

But I love it. These are my boys.

For more “Hugs and Kisses” photos, please visit the I Heart Faces Website or click on the button below.

2 Responses to “XOXOXO”

  1. What a sweet picture! Love it!

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