May 28, 2013

Summer. It’s right around the corner. I can feel it.


When it’s 90+ degrees, I can’t believe it’s still technically spring. I do love summer, but I’m dreading the days when it’ll already be 80 degrees at 8am.

On the other hand, I define summer by long days filled with playing outside, popsicles dripping down my kids’ arms and enjoying lazy mornings that aren’t consumed with rushing around in order to get the kiddos to school on time.

My favorite time of day? Twilight. I love it when the sun has gone down over the horizon but it’s still light. The moments right before twilight is my favorite time to shoot. Right before the sun sets, everything is blanketed with a warm, golden light.

I had the opportunity to take photos of a dear friend on the beach as she and her husband were expecting their first child. I couldn’t have asked for a more beautiful sight for these two beautiful people.

If you’d like to see more silhouette photos, please visit or click on the button below. Enjoy, and have a good summer (oops, I mean spring!)

Enjoying Life

July 3, 2012

Summer, sun and being tickled by Dad. How much better can it get?


My Big Little Man

June 5, 2012

I have a 3-year old. If I had any doubts about his age, let me quickly review my condensed checklist to determine if he is, indeed, three.

  • Does he say “no” when he really means “yes” then gets upset because I didn’t give him the red cup ? (No! I mean yes! {insert crying} I mean no!)
  • Does he kick and scream constantly when being put in his daily time-outs? (Let me stress daily)
  • Does he insist on wearing a short-sleeve shirt when it’s 55 degrees outside?

Check, check and check.

But then sometimes I catch a glimpse of him, an unnoticed peek of him, and he looks all grown up. His brows are furrowed. His look is focused. He is deep in thought.

He’s a big kid. A little man.

Love Never Fails

March 6, 2012

This month’s I Heart Faces Photo Challenge Theme is: Beautiful Black and White.

The love between these two people is apparent. Evident. Obvious.

I love how a slight gesture, a quick glance or a shy smile can translate to much more when you’re with the one you love. The one you belong with. It’s like a language you develop and create with each other. Only the two of you can understand.

To view more beautiful black and white photos, head over to the I Heart Faces website or click on the button below. Enjoy!


February 20, 2012

This week’s I Heart Faces photo challenge theme is: Hugs and Kisses.

Well, for this photo, just kisses. And not kisses, but rather a kiss.

A sweet kiss.

A kiss between two brothers. Brothers who can be best friends one minute and enemies the next. Frenemies, right? But I guess that’s how all sibling relationships are. All I know is that they will probably not like this photo (or me!) when they get a wee bit older and turn red when their friends come over and point it out while displayed on top of the fireplace.

But I love it. These are my boys.

For more “Hugs and Kisses” photos, please visit the I Heart Faces Website or click on the button below.

Mommy Goggles On.

September 26, 2011

This weeks’ I Heart Faces challenge theme is: Best Face Photo from Summer 2011.

How can I resist not sharing a photo of my kids?

These are the best faces from my Summer 2011. These are the best faces from my life.

A Touch of Sun

September 19, 2011

This weeks’ I Heart Faces Challenge theme is: A Touch of Sun.

This photo has always been one of my favorites…Beautiful expecting Mommy, adorable little girl and the sun, wrapping them up in a warm, safe blanket.

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