More personal work. Another idea stirring in my brain.

I was married once before, but never had photos like these to inspire me for that big day. I guess I’m hashing out all the “what ifs” that are stuck in my head…


And of course, one of the two beautiful models

A big, huge thanks to everyone who was there and made this happen!


Models: Michelle and Karena

MUA: Martha Castro

Hair: Nichole Ray

Flowers: Irises Designs

Co-Art Director: Ricardo Delgado

Dresses: Alfred Angelo Bridal

The Really Important People: Erin Abolencia, Marisol and Jorge Trujillo, Hayde Raymond and the rest of the Irises Designs staff!





Inspiration can hit me like a ton of bricks. And when it does, I’m glad I have a great support group to back me up.

This is my personal work. It took many hours of planning, organizing and communication.

Thanks to my friend Ricardo from Irises Designs for helping me birth one of the many ideas stirring in my head.

Model: Karena

MUA: Martha Castro

Hair: Nichole Ray

Flowers: Irises Designs


April 27, 2014

Beautiful. Radiant. Talented.

Need I say more?


Do you always plan to get the perfect shot? You made sure the lighting is perfect, the batteries in the camera are charged and you have more than enough memory cards, but after looking though what seems like a ton of digital files after your attempt to capture that amazing shot you realize that you just didn’t get what you were looking for? Here’s a hint: Keep shooting. Even when your model/subject isn’t looking, keep shooting. That’s when you get the best expressions, real emotion and true beauty. Plus, it’s the best way to avoid the frozen fake smile. You know what I’m talking about.

I had Miss L pose for me while I tried out a new background, and she was more than happy to model for me. Yes, she’s very beautiful and has a wonderful smile, but there’s something about being too posed. It just doesn’t look real. I asked her to move to the left for me, kept shooting and *click* instantly I knew I had captured the photo I was looking for.

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