August 25, 2014

I have the opportunity to meet new people when I’m taking their photo. Actually, I not only get to “meet” them, I get the chance to spend time with them and see their personality crawl out. This is, by far, the best part of my job. I am truly honored to be a part of these people’s lives, if only for a few hours.

I also love seeing people in love. And these two are overflowing with love for one another. Thank you, Chris and Katelyn, for letting me peek at a sliver of your time together. It was long enough to see that the love you share is amazing, beautiful and unstoppable.


MUAH: Martha Castro



More personal work. Another idea stirring in my brain.

I was married once before, but never had photos like these to inspire me for that big day. I guess I’m hashing out all the “what ifs” that are stuck in my head…


And of course, one of the two beautiful models

A big, huge thanks to everyone who was there and made this happen!


Models: Michelle and Karena

MUA: Martha Castro

Hair: Nichole Ray

Flowers: Irises Designs

Co-Art Director: Ricardo Delgado

Dresses: Alfred Angelo Bridal

The Really Important People: Erin Abolencia, Marisol and Jorge Trujillo, Hayde Raymond and the rest of the Irises Designs staff!






Do you always plan to get the perfect shot? You made sure the lighting is perfect, the batteries in the camera are charged and you have more than enough memory cards, but after looking though what seems like a ton of digital files after your attempt to capture that amazing shot you realize that you just didn’t get what you were looking for? Here’s a hint: Keep shooting. Even when your model/subject isn’t looking, keep shooting. That’s when you get the best expressions, real emotion and true beauty. Plus, it’s the best way to avoid the frozen fake smile. You know what I’m talking about.

I had Miss L pose for me while I tried out a new background, and she was more than happy to model for me. Yes, she’s very beautiful and has a wonderful smile, but there’s something about being too posed. It just doesn’t look real. I asked her to move to the left for me, kept shooting and *click* instantly I knew I had captured the photo I was looking for.

So Lucky…

January 12, 2010

I’m so lucky that I’ve had the chance to capture sweet little Baby H’s face in photos since he was a couple of days old. Since then, I’ve seen him roll over, sit up and now, I had the chance to photograph him being baptized. What an honor…

Best Buds

October 23, 2009

Miss K and Miss T have been best buddies for a long time. They attend the same school, have been in the same Girl Scout Troop and have even known each other since they were a couple of weeks old. So getting them to smile, laugh and act goofy in front of each other was quite an easy task. Especially if it’s for a photo…in hot, 90-degree weather (I suppose the bottles of water they drank and poured over their head helped, too!)

Miss T and Miss KMiss TMiss K

Miss KMiss T and Miss KMiss T

Miss KMiss K

Who needs coffee?

September 26, 2009

After I got back from Manhattan Beach (I had a photo session with the beautiful Wilson Family earlier in the morning), I discovered I still had enough energy in the afternoon to take some photos of adorable little Henry. Who knew? I guess I really don’t need coffee, just need some nice, beach air. Oh, and a couple of power bars to snack on…

Henry was so unbelievably cooperative, despite just waking up from a nap. And he gave me the most amazing expressions! Look at those eyes!

Baby HenryBaby HenryBaby HenryBaby HenryBaby Henry

California Girl

September 23, 2009

I’ve been living in Southern California for 22 years so far, and thought I’ve been to every beach there is. That is, until I had a photo session last week at Manhattan Beach. Manhattan Beach? What’s the attraction there? Huntington Beach has surfers. Venice has Muscle Beach and street performers. What does Manhattan Beach have?

Hills, I discovered. Lots of them. It’s like San Francisco without the layer of freezing cold fog! And although I parked rather far from the pier, I had a great session with the beautiful Wilson family. They fit right in with the amazing scenery and the relaxed atmosphere the beach had to offer.

The Wilson FamilyThe Wilson FamilyThe Wilson FamilyDSC_0210H2COPY

The Wilson Family

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