May Day

April 30, 2013

It’s already May. Really?!?

Well, I suppose if I kept up with my blog, I’d be more aware of the date. Perhaps I should make blogging my quarter-year resolution. Perhaps.

Anyhow, I’ve been having fun playing with some photos I took previously and re-editing them. I’ve acquired an overlay/texture pack from Jessica Drossin’s Textures and I’m having way too much fun. Take a look at these before and afters…


I took out the pole, took out my other son’s head on the left and added the clouds in the sky.

This is one I took of my very good friend when she was pregnant last year. We were fortunate to catch a beautiful sunset.


I added the clouds in the sky and changed the tone a bit.

The last one isn’t a before and after, but I wanted to share these fantastic photos my 7-year-old took of my youngest and me. Looks like I’m going to have an assistant soon…



I Like to Play!

November 16, 2010

So it’s the second time I’m participating in Everyday Element’s “Show Your Skills” weekly edit. I’m having fun with these!

Here’s my edit on the photo, starting with the original first. And again, although I did not take the photo, I still enjoy editing it in Photoshop to inject my own style and personality into it.

To see more great edits with this photo, please visit Everyday Elements or click on the button below.

This week’s I Heart Faces theme is: Orange. The color or the fruit? I’m assuming the color. Plus, I don’t have any pictures of oranges (the fruit.)

Anyhow, here is my orange photo. I had to post one of my monkey. This Halloween costume was soooo fitting…

Head on over to I Heart Faces to see more fabulous Orange pictures or click on the button below.

I Like to Play!

November 8, 2010

So I like taking pictures and editing them. Really, really.

I discovered a website that has a weekly edit feature and being the geek I am, I had to partake. And although I did not take this photo, it was just as fun putting my spin on it. Take a look, starting with the original version first:

I edited this using PS and wanted to bring out the beautiful colors the sunset was reflecting. I also added a little bit of texture to it, adding some depth.

Visit Everyday Elements Online to see more beautiful edits or click on the button below!


November 5, 2010

Happy Friday, Everyone! It’s Fix-It-Friday at I Heart Faces, and again, I’m as surprised as you are that I’m posting this before 11pm. The planets must be aligned.

Here’s my edit, starting with the original first.

I cropped the photo to bring you into her beautiful little face. I also converted it to b&w to enhance the emotion and added some textures on top. I always seems to like b&w photos with textures.

Have a great weekend! And head on over to I Heart Faces to see more great edits!

Just wanted to thank Florabella for her fantastic textures. I use her textures and Jessica Drossin’s textures for my photos and absolutely love them.

Here is a photo where I used a Florabella texture from her second set, called Vintage Screen (b&w.) Lovely, isn’t it?

Love that Shot!

October 29, 2010

I know, I know, this may not look like a “fall”photo, but it is. This is my oldest in his Halloween costume. We were getting ready for a block party, and of course, I had to get my camera ready.

I love how it turned out, especially with the angle it’s at. I’m a fan of pushing in closer and closer and turning the camera while I’m shooting, experimenting and being inspired by the moment. I’m also loving textures again. Can you tell?




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